California Institute of Technology

CISN ShakeAlert: Software Development

The data acquisition, processing, and information distribution for EEW requires extensive software development.  Product generation and distribution for EEW messages needs fault tolerant software engineered to minimize latency, missed events, and false alarms. 

Currently, software development is focused on the ShakeAlert system to enhance and improve the robustness of this EEW demonstration system.  Further, software will be written to add new algorithms for testing, such as the finite source FinDer algorithm. 

Future steps in software development will consist of both improving data processing as well as distribution mechanisms.  These efforts may include interfacing the EEW software with the AQMS software system used by the CISN for notification.  New user tools such as apps for smartphones will also be developed and tested. 

Shake Alert Decision Module

Figure 1. Scheme of CISN ShakeAlert.